Each piece of jewelry is crafted using a variety of hand tools and traditional silversmithing techniques. 

I love the richness of oxidized metals and the textures I achieve with an elaborate process called photo etching. With this process I can transfer my own photos into the metal. 

I take photos of stumps, rocks, vines, roots, bark, and paint peeling from an old wall. My personal favorite being the unusual textures and cracks on the hardened pahoehoe (smooth swirling lava rock).  Iā€™m continually exploring ways to capture all of these in my jewelry to show others what I think is beautiful.

 This etching process I use is a modern approach of an ancient technique used by old master printmakers. The photo image is printed on a special acetate paper and then the ink is transferred to a metal plate forming a resist. The plate is then dipped in an acid bath that dissolves the metal where it is exposed. The remaining ink is cleaned off revealing a raised print of the original photo. Finally, with a jewelers saw, I cut pieces from these plates, and use them in what would become a signature piece of jewelry.